Our trails are designed for experienced riders, combining fantastic days in the saddle, immersed in Sicily's natural beauty, with quality overnight stays and delicious local food and wine.  Our aim is to provide a truly authentic experience, offering you the opportunity to discover Sicily's wildest landscapes, and its unique culture, history and hospitality.  

From the first until the last day of the trail, you will travel only by horse, staying each night in a quality agriturismo or B&B.  After a hearty breakfast each morning, your horse will be waiting for you, saddled and ready for the exciting day ahead.  In the middle of each day you will refuel with a delicious picnic lunch and a well-earned rest, before setting off for the afternoon ride towards the comfort of your accommodation for the night.  At the end of each adventurous day of riding, your luggage will be waiting for you and you will enjoy a warm Sicilian welcome and a generous evening meal, prepared using local produce and accompanied by local wine.       

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An epic trail, which crosses the greenest and wildest part of Sicily, setting off from the eastern Madonie Mountains and crossing the wooded Nebrodi Mountains to arrive at Mount Etna, one of the world's most active volcanoes.
6 days
A fantastic six-day circular trail around Europe's highest active volcano, Mount Etna.
6 days
A fascinating ride through the Madonie Natural Park, which extends to approximately 40 thousand hectares and is home to more than 70% of the island's wildlife.
6 days
A fantastic adventure which allows you to cross Sicily on horseback, from the north to the south coast. This trail offers unparalleled immersion in Sicily's complex history and agricultural heritage, its magic and its legends.
6 days
A fascinating adventure which takes you across some of the lesser known areas of the island, from the famous town of Corleone to the eastern boundary of the Madonie Park, passing through a rich variety of landscapes, from dense forests to striking mountain views and endless fields of wheat and hay.
6 days
A beautiful two-day trail which immerses you in the unspoilt nature of the Madonie Park.
2 days
A fabulous three-day trail which takes you into the heart of the Madonie Park, riding through wild and unspoilt nature with breathtaking views.
3 days
A wonderful four-day adventure riding through breathtaking scenery in the Madonie Park.
4 days
Our residential week offers guests the opportunity to discover a wild and unknown part of Sicily from the comfort of our base, agriturismo Casalvecchio Geraci, on the eastern boundary of the Madonie Mountains. Guests will enjoy beautiful riding in the territories of Geraci Siculo, Gangi and San Mauro Castelverde, visits to local hilltop towns and delicious meals prepared using local produce.
6 days
This trail is a fantastic adventure, crossing Sicily from the west to the east, from the famous town of Corleone to the slopes of Mount Etna, through incredibly varied and beautiful scenery, passing through arable land, historic sites, picturesque villages and five natural parks (Ficuzza, Madonie, Nebrodi, Alcantara and Etna).
12 days
This magnificent trail offers the opportunity to discover a mysterious and little-known part of Sicily, between the Peloritan and the Nebrodi Mountains.
6 days
A beautiful six-day trail which takes you along the full length of the Alcantara Natural Park, setting off from the coast at Taormina and finishing on the slopes of Etna, including an excursion into the Nebrodi Natural Park, where you will find the source of the Alcantara River.
6 days